3rd grade activities

Hey friends!  As we all know, multiplication is HUGE in 3rd grade!After teaching what multiplication is and all the different ways to multiply...we turn to memorizing those facts.  Because let's face

3 Multiplication Games Your Students Will Love (All About 3rd Grade)

3 Multiplication Games Your Students Will Love These games totally work on the huge skill of mentally learning multiplication facts, which is a big emphasis in grade. So they directly align with CCSS

Several ideas for the conceptually teaching of fractions with hands-on activities.

Hands-on Fractions: The Key to Understanding

How to teach Place Value in Math with this easy game. More math with movement activities for kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade and beyond.

How to Teach Place Value in Math

How to teach Place Value in Math with this easy game. Students use a fly swatter to "whack" the number in the correct place value as called out to the student.

A Love for Teaching: All About Me Bag

All About Me Bag--good to hand out at Open House before school starts so kids can bring their bags to share on the first day!

Printable Multiplication Strategy Mat

Printable Multiplication Strategy Mat

A great tool for reinforcing the relationship between multiplication strategies, and helping children to understand there are many ways to go about solving

Pass the Clap - A Fun Game! This is a game with many benefits in the classroom, and plenty of giggles, too!

Pass the Clap - A Fun Game!

A couple of years ago, I learned a fun circle game called "Pass the Clap". My kiddos really love it, and it's got many benefits! It's a nice break from the regular It helps the children

Prefixes and suffixes puzzles - perfect for prefix and suffix word building

Prefixes and Suffixes Puzzles

Miss Giraffe's Class: Prefixes and Suffixes Teaching Ideas for First Grade and Kindergarten