5sos facts

5SOS goss game - best quote ever  - Sugarscape.com

goss game - best quote ever - Luke is just like "I'm done with this band" Ash can't believe Mike just said that and Calum is like "ya that's a good one"

5 Seconds of Summer Facts | Facts about the Aussie band that goes by the name of 5 Seconds of ...

5 Seconds of Summer Facts << OMG they all like the same food I do😍😘

5 Seconds of Summer Facts

Calum writes the most songs Facts ♡>> why I'm a calum girl >> well he does a pretty good job am I right fam? Or am I right?

same Luke same......their scary and cuddling helps....i usually cuddle into the corner of the couch with my pillow and blanket hahaha

I really wanna cuddle with Luke when I watch horror movies bc I'm so freaking scared of horror movies. And I wanna cuddle Luke Hemmings

I love all of them!!! They literally all have bits and pieces that I can relate to!

I love all of them! But Mikey and i are both very clingy, like to dye our hair, love video games and are really loud.

I hate to say this cuz I feel prideful but I hate when people don't think they're beautiful. I think I'm beautiful in my own way! I don't want that to sounds vain but it's true. You should know that you are beautiful too -Katherine

Dang it goodbye luke<<<I can kiss every bit of hope I have left goodbye