oooinfinityooo: “ Starring: Ford Mustang By Dejan Marinkovic ” Purrrr. ~infinity~ ” That is a great shot.

Who doesn't like oldschool mustangs? Like really, sure it's a ford but you could always swap the engine for a chev :P lol

driving one Ford Mustang ♥ Mustang Ford. (*I'd like it in Cobolt Blue with candy apple red stripes and a matching cobolt blue interior with a candy apple red chrome steering wheel_LL).

I have loved this Mustang since I was in high school <3

I have a thing for old cars. Or anything old really. They're just so full of history. I have three cars, and this is one of them.

Gorgeous 67 Mustang Coupe

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67 Mustang Coupe Cherry

The 1967 Ford Mustang couple is one of the all time classic pony cars. Because of the availability of many aftermarket companies who still.