70th Birthday Printable Party Decor 4 Unique 8x10 Signs by NviteCP, 70th Birthday, 70th Anniversary, 1947 sign, 70th

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Make any party or gathering a hit with a make it yourself Coca-Cola Soda Bar!

Cherry-Vanilla Coke Float

60th birthday party polaroid guest book idea

Are you looking for something other than a than a traditional wedding guest book. Recently we have been pinning a few of our favourite alternative wedding guest book ideas.

Thanx my Sweet Daughter....you made this AWFUL B-day just perfect !!!!!   Love you !!!  Hugs xxxxxx  Who could ask for more !!!???

Seventy Acronym Birthday Card

Seventy may be the new Fifty, but it's still a milestone that should be celebrated; send a positive and uplifting birthday card.