<b>Bad hair day?</b> Child, please.

17 Reasons To Thank God Your Hair Isn't In The '80s

DIY gloves from old socks #DIY #crafts by Krista.S                                                                                                                                                     More

Cut off socks above ankles at length you want your gloves. Turn Socks inside out. Sew three “Vs” on raw edge for 4 fingers (see photo). Cut between stitched V’s to create fingers. Put on glove and mark where thumb is. Cut inch slit for thumb.

80s Fashion Pictures from 1981 - Duran Duran

Fashion Pictures from 1981 - Duran Duran - I had this poster in my room!

Yeah, No! These 90s kids have it all wrong! The 80s were not dressed this LAME! This is Hipster/Swag/wannabe 80s. Sorry... Try Again!

I Love The Fancy Dress Costume for Ladies - pink hair bow, neon earrings, off-the-shoulder T-shirt, plain black leggings, neon pink leg warmers and hi-top trainers.

The 1980s birthed more fashion icons than any other decade, hands down.

1980s Fashion: Icons And Style Moments That Defined The Decade

new romantic blitz kids,1982.  Got my extensions at Antennae, London.

new romantic blitz vintage fashion style color photo print new wave hat hair makeup pirate skirt dress

Vivian - London 1980s New Romantics - source not provided - pinned by RokStarroad.com ~ unleash your inner RokStar - fashion, pop and mental health

gothiccharmschool: lieutenant-mairon: lieutenant-mairon: VIVIAN - off to Lypton Village //// I need to wear that outfit again. Oh look at you, you decorative creature!

Kylie and Jason, Smash Hits 1988

Kylie and Jason, Smash Hits 1988 - las ik in de bieb op school

I didn't have one, but I saw the show on Friends many times with Rachel and Ross fighting, he was taking the shirt back cause it was his, but she always wore it as it was her favorite night shirt. If I remember right he ended up returning it for her to find at her place.

The top 80s Fashion Trends and 80's costumes for Halloween

My best friend Christy and I went shopping and she got this shirt and I got a neon green shirt with all these strange neon patterns on it. We chose who looked better in the Frankie Goes To Hollywood shirt : fashion