Helemaal '90's! Een #highwaist short met een felgekleurd trainingsjasje.

Puma hip hop track top jacket from dirtysaint * I really love these giant windbreaker things. I'd like to have some signature jacket like this for Carlos that he just wears all the time, maybe similar to the one with the sports insignia*

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Black History is more than a Month. It is an identity that deserves recognition all months. Start acting like it.

I hope you are in the mood for some nostalgia in your do's because It's  time to dig up those old photos from our youth and gain some  "hairspiration"!! Everything 90's has made its way back into 2016!     Hair wisps are now all the rage and can be worn with every other 90's  hairst

The 90's has Officially Made a Comeback...

This Fresh Prince hat for when you wanna make waves in Bel Air.

27 Gifts Every '90s Girl Will Want To Keep For Herself

Dannie Cherie, Los Angeles, California Wearing: Coachella 5 panel Snapback, Thrifted Windbreaker, Thrifted Levi’s Shredded Shorts Submitted/Photo By: HellaThrifty

Have a Bomb.Com '90s Bachelorette Bash!

Have a Bomb.Com '90s Bachelorette Bash!

Ladies click the link in my bio to take the quiz Which Decade Should You Really Be Living In?

I would totally try to pull this off

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