DC Comics unveils full list of Watchmen prequels

DC Comics unveils full list of Watchmen prequels

Manhattan cover - 'Before Watchmen' Cover. Dr Manhattan and The Silk Spectre

Jean Grey by Adam Hughes - his work is total cheesecake, but I just can't get enough it!

Adam Hughes She-Hulk Megacon Storm con sketch Megacon Jean Grey con sketch MegaCon 2003 Spidey MJ Scarlet Witch Wasp Wanda and Janet AH! White Queen sketch Spidey’s Secret !

yZChWGr3kp57eknkS0ZhSeKro1_500.jpg 456×700 pixels

scarecrowbone: rrkksteel: brianmichaelbendis: Catwoman by Adam Hughes (via comicbooks)


I do love Adam Hughes' Audrey Hepburn inspired Catwoman. I just love Adam Hughes to be fair.

adam hughes princess leia | issue 2 media type pencil and ink art type cover 6239 views cover art ...

Princess Leia - Adam Hughes' cover art to the second issue of the Dark Horse mini-series "Rebel Heist" - Star Wars

Fairest by Adam Hughes

m Noble Ratrak's Cousin w Harem 9 wives Castle Basi ADam Hughes - cover, Fairest feat Ali Baba

Cover art for the sketch cover variant of 'Rebel Heist #1' by Adam Hughes

Star Wars Rebel Heist Cover C Incentive Adam Hughes Ultra Rare Virgin Sketch Cover - Midtown Comics