The best-known countries for African Safaris are Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Get ready for the best African safari experience at any one of the following national parks.

6 African National Parks to Visit Before You Die

The leopard raised herself on her haunches at the game reserve in South Africa

Seemples! Leopard surprises safari-goers as it stands on its back legs like a meerkat to stalk its dinner

Literally Theresa

African Leopard - Genus panthera which means they can roar. Only the leopard, tiger, lion, snow leopard and jaguar are in this genus but snow leopard cannot roar even though it is in this genus. Africa and Asia.

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Beautiful African leopard laying on the tree. Reminds me of the BBC special on Leopards

African Leopard Big Cat Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Shannon Smith

African Leopard Big Cat

A Third of Kenya’s African Elephants live in The Tsavo Region of Southern Kenya: Home to Two National Parks roamed by animals like: Elephants, Buffaloes, Leopards, Hippos & Lions. Photo By: Philip Lee Harvey. ( #elephant #kenya #africa #safari )

Kathleen Calahane saved to Elephants A third of Kenya’s African elephants live in the Tsavo region of southern Kenya, home to two national parks roamed by animals like elephants, buffaloes, leopard, hippos and lion // photo by Philip Lee Harvey

Leopard on a tree during sunset

African Wildlife: As Leopards Exit Trees, Exotic Birds Watch Lions, Cheetah and Mating Chameleons