How to Draw Curly/Afro Hair

I decided to show how I personally like to draw curly hair. When I was young their weren't a lot of great references for curly hair that I liked.

The Fail-Safe, Un-Screw-Up-Able, Take-This-to-The Salon Guide to Your Perfect Haircut || Your best look depends on your hair texture and your face shape. Pin this, if you have kinky hair. (Double-click for exactly what to say to your stylist)

The Very Best Haircut for Your Face

Image result for afro hair drawing

Image result for afro hair drawing

How to draw afro hair in fashion design sketches step by step tutorial

Learn how to draw african american hair for your fashion sketches. Draw an afro hairstyle that is inspiring, beautiful and helps your design ideas shine

2b spirals, tortillon, 4b shadows, tortillon, 6b shadows, tortitton, fine point kneeded eraser highlights along each curl, 3b details around edges in zig-zag line, light tortillon

How to Draw African American Hair – Tutorial