Saw on Broadway with Gordon in about 2005.  Loved it.  However, I loved Hale Theatre's Aida even more!

By Staff On Friday, March the Winston-Salem Theatre Alliance will begin a run of Elton John and Tim Rice’s celebrated musical, “Aida.” “Aida” is a contemporary mus…

Aida. Musical Sommer - Amstetten, Austria. Scenic design by Court Watson. 2008

Aida by my dear friend, Court Watson!

Things Musicals Taught Me - Aida

Things Musicals Taught Me - Aida

ancient egypt cloth

Amneris' costume from the musical "Aida"

Aida!! One of the many powerful lines and messages woven throughout this amazing show.

So don't expect any pity or understanding from this humble palace slave!

Aida on Broadway! Loved it in NYC-hated it in Sacramento...funny how sometimes they don't translate on tour.

Aida on Broadway - Adam Pascal, Heather Headley, and Sherie Renee Scott

“Written in the Stars” – Aida (Broadway)

Disney Power Ballads Appreciation Post

Belt my face off in a leading musical theater role with a showstopping song! I did this playing the role of Aida in with her AMAZING songs, "Easy as Life" and "The gods love Nubia"

This musical is life changing...I love it...Elton John and Tim Rice

From "Aidia" on Broadway

Things Musicals Taught Me:  AIDA    Not to strut your stuff outrageously is a crime.     @Hayley Lipke

things Aida taught me

Things Musicals Taught Me: Aida... Fortune favors the brave!

things Aida taught me

From Elton John's 'Aida'

Your healthy paleo lifestyle starts with your mindset.

Every story new or ancient  Bag a telle or work of art  All are tales of human failing All are tales of love  At heart ❤️

Thing Musicals Taught Me: Aida

I feel like I may have already pinned this, but I LOVE this musical

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Broadway Snapchat filters PLEASE do a Phantom one with a little mask!!

Phantom gives you a mask, ghost gives you a faded bluish look when you raise your eyebrows, Aida gives you Egyptian face paint.

The slave women take their laundry to the Nile in Disney's AIDA on Broadway.

The slave women take their laundry to the Nile in Disney's AIDA on Broadway.