The 4 Stages of a Functioning Alcoholic (Graphic: Business Wire)

A Guy Walks into a Bar... Addiction Campuses Explains the Four Stages of Functional Alcoholism

As part of Alcoholism Awareness Month, Addiction Campuses is promoting education and raising awareness about the 4 stages of functional alcoholism.

12 Things to Remember If You Love an Alcoholic

Caring for someone in the throes of active addiction is often a trial for body, mind and spirit.

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Your life matters.

You looked me in my tear filled eyes & chose. My soul shattered & there’s no recovery for that.

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My Top 20 Quotes about Alcoholism, Addiction, Recovery and Sobriety

When it comes to recovery statistics, relapse rates for drug addiction are comparable to relapse rates from high blood pressure, asthma, and diabetes

Day28 30Day No Alcohol Challenge Here are some tips to deal with urges. Hope it helps!

30Day No Alcohol Challenge

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I know this is meant for cheaters.but I have a lot of parts of my life that I can't I like to have the people in my life who can remember things for me

Memories of Alcohol - reading this is ALWAYS a good reminder of what life was like.

Memories of Alcohol

Memories of Alcohol Quote about Alcoholism, Addiction, Recovery and Sobriety