Coca cola.... absolutely nothing tastes like the 'real thing'!!!!!!!!!!! (classic coke)

I thought i would model a Coca-Cola bottle while drinking one.It was the obvious thing to do.

Coca-Cola Ad


coca-cola vintage--drink coke and get the man!

Coca Cola Pedal Car | Collectors Weekly

Coca-Cola Pedal Car and trailer

Coca Cola Handmade Guitar Art on Etsy, $175.00

Coca Cola Handmade Guitar Art on Etsy

Do You Remember These Amazing Vintage Coke Ads? 1993

Coca-Cola polar bear “Always cool” 1993

Coca Cola Blanket Throw Always Coca Cola Coke Blanket 55 L x 42 W | eBay

Coca Cola Blanket Throw Always Coca Cola Coke Blanket 55 L x 42 W

Coca-Cola: A classic never goes out of style

35 Coca Cola Ads

What a fun and stylish Coke ad! How cool to have Marilyn and Elvis on an ad! Truly envelopes the history of the brand.

Always Coca Cola

He Fulfills My Thirst - Jesus, God the Father, Holy Spirit.

Monopoly Coca-Cola

Monopoly Coca-Cola- Obviously.

1993 -Always Coca Cola In 1993, The Coca-Cola Company made a dramatic shift in its advertising by introducing the memorable "Always Coca-Cola" campaign, by Creative Artists Agency and later Edge Creative. Animated polar bear became one of the most popular symbols of Coca-Cola.

So real time i love itttt! - Alumni Work: Coke Polar Bears Super Bowl Case Study Video by VCU Brandcenter.

Right!  My Dad used to say that when you get uptight, you should just go get a Coca-Cola and pour it into a glass with ice and just be calm and drink and things will start looking better.  Used to make me laugh, but I think there's a lot of truth in it.  :)

Ahhh coke my friend

coca cola #coke

From the days when Coca Cola really did have cocaine in it.

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The Evolution of Soft Drink Dispensing Recently, while doing descriptions for the soda fountain dispensers in the Retroplanet Museum, I was struck by how

Coca Cola...

Coca Cola...

Cool Coca Cola Phone

Cool Coca Cola Phone (now this is cool). My dear husband would love this.

Coca- Cola by Light Andrade, via Behance

Coca- Cola by Light Andrade, via Behance