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Fashion Flashback: Amber Heard Then & Now

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dailydcheroes: “Amber Heard photographed by Harper Smith for Bullett Magazine ”

She knew this would happen. She had told them and yet they never listened. They never listened to the girl who could see the future.

" Her voice broke a little even as she admitted it. It felt like admitting she'd ripped a part of her soul out and murdered it.

actress Amber Heard has said people in her profession are dissuaded from coming out in Hollywood and end up becoming part of a “detrimental lie”.The Rum Diary star told Women’s Health magazine: “You can’t respect yourself if you’re afraid to be who you are. It requires bravery to do something no one else around you is doing.“But the risk was outweighed by the possibility of playing into this horribly detrimental lie that some in Hollywood perpetuate.”

"Those who believe in democracy, liberty, or freedom; must support equality. Those who believe in truth, justice, or love;"- Amber Heard (i equals you)

Amber Heard summer street style with white maxi dress.

From sunny Los Angeles where we spotted Alessandra Ambrosio and Kylie Jenner shopping, to the streets of New York where Jessica Alba was showing off her

SERIOUSLY. #amberheard #johnnydepp #abuse

Let's not forget that Amber Heard is bisexual, which mainstream media is using to try and demean her. Typically, they're saying that she only married Johnny Depp for his money. Nothing but biphobic dickbags.

Amber Heard is Elle Magazine's  July Cover, photo by Liz Collins@WhoWhatWear

Amber Heard Is Elle Magazine's July Cover Star

Amber Heard – – Liz Collins photoshoot for ‘Elle’ – July Celebrity Shapes.