Amber Marshall - (b 06/02/1988 London, Ontario, Canada)

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Thanks for checking out this unofficial Amber Marshall fan page! We'll do our very best to keep you up-to-date on what Heartland's horse whisperer and our Ark Angel is up to, plus share our edits and gifs with you! We are not the real Amber Marshall.

She could play Marianne!  (Amber Marshall from heartland)

Love this picture of Amber Marshall from CBC's Heartland! Definitely want to take a picture like this!

Amber Marshall I'm going to have her sign this when I MEET HER!

Amber Marshall I'm going to have her sign this when I MEET HER! great pose for a senior picture

Alisha, Michelle, Amber, and Graham on the set of season 8

Michelle Morgan on

behind-the-scenes pic of Alicia Newton, Michelle Morgan, Amber Marshall, and Graham Wardle

Countdown to Season 9! Through the eyes of Ty. In 810, "The Heart of a River", the wild horses at Pike River are eventually set free and Ty once again sees in Amy the woman he fell in love with. They re-announce their engagement! Aunt Crystal is busted by child services so Georgie stays at Heartland #iloveheartland #framesofheartland

With so many truly terrible horse television shows and movies out there, "Heartland" truly stands apart as one of the best.

lifeonhorseback:  that took me a while, hope you like it!

HN movie critic Amanda Ronan gets the celebrity scoop on Amber Marshall, star of your favorite horsey television series Heartland.

This pic is so cool of Amber...Graham Wardle took it of her cause he's also a photographer

An amazing picture of Amber Marshall by the sunset. Of course, what makes it even cooler is that her co-star, Graham Wardel took it himself. Pretty nifty fact, if I do say so myself.