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Frank Albert Rinehart was an American artist famous for his photographs depicting Native American personalities and scenes, especially the leaders and members of the delegations who attended the 1898 Indian Congress in Omaha


Plains Indian Headress ~ CHIEF'S CROWN - Many deeds have I done and for each I have earned a feather from the eagle, Great Spirit. I have hunted and counted coup on many enemies and have proved myself to be worthy of this crown. My teepee, my home a

Sioux Chief Sitting Bull - Sioux, or Dakota, Indians, a large and powerful tribe of Indians, who were found by the French, in 1640, near the headwaters of the Mississippi River. The Algonquiens called them Nadowessioux, whence they came to be called Sioux. They occupied the vast domain extending from the Arkansas River, in the south, to the western tributary of Lake Winnipeg, in the north, and westward to the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

SITTING BULL was a beloved medicine man and chief of the Sioux Indian Tribe. Chief Sitting Bull was born in about 1837 in what is now North Dakota. He was the son of Sioux chief Jumping Bull.

Nantacoke Indian Eagle Dancer,r:6,s:368

John "Laughing Wolfe" Moore Spreads His Wings To Fly In His Bald Eagle Dance at The Nanticoke Indian Pow Wow

"Portrait of an American Indian Chief"=>

Portrait of an American Indian Chief

Wolf and Indian princess                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Hero - Chief Flying Horse, the older brother of the minor Sitting Bull charged into Captain Henry Jackson's men, knowing full well he would be killed but his actions permitted enough time for women and children to get further away.

Incredible, and still they don't have the right to vote!

Native America's Timeline, the last one about living anywhere they would like is alittle misleading since most stay on the reservations or nations for health care, family, lack of money to go anywhere else, many different reasons that the families are sti

Red Cloud (Oglala Sioux), Sitting Bull (actually Hunkpapa, not Miniconjou Sioux), Swift Bear (Arapaho), and Spotted Tail (Brule Sioux)... and Julius Meyer.  Taken by Frank F. Currier, Omaha.  Indian_Chiefs_1875.jpg (1512×1887)

A 1875 photograph of Chiefs Red Cloud (Oglala Sioux), Sitting Bull (Hunkpapa Sioux), Swift Bear (Arapaho), and Spotted Tail (Brule Sioux), along with their interpreter Julius Meyer.

A great portrait of Rain-In-The-Face, a fearless Sioux Warrior.

A great portrait of Rain-In-The-Face, a fearless Sioux Warrior. Somehow, I believe he belongs on this board. I love rain & I have Sioux in my gene pool.

Native American Indian Shields.

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