American Psycho Musical  - Broadway 2016 // Duncan Sheik

American Psycho Musical - Broadway 2016 // Duncan Sheik

Actors recalling their best roles . . . in order: Braveheart, LOTR Fellowship, Terminator 2, 300, Shaun of The Dead, Harry Potter Saga, Se7en, American Psycho, Unforgiven, The Matrix, Silence of The Lambs, Bourne Identity, and Jurassic Park

Actors recalling their best roles

Actors recalling their favorite roles. My tip top favorite is Sam Neil as Dr. Gets me going like, "Fuck yeah!

I've got to return some video tapes.  Bateman, Patrick

Contrast: koud-warm-contrast Beschrijving: film poster warme rode kleuren op de voorgrond koude grijze kleuren op de achtergrond Johannes Itten: Contrast of warm and cool, the contrast is formed by the juxtaposition of hues considered 'warm' or 'cool.

I'm about to cry he's so adorable asdfghjkl I can't do this anymore this band has taken over my life entirely I can't even introduce myself to someone without asking them if they like Fall Out Boy and if they don't even know what FOB is I ask about MCR and P!ATD and if they still don't know I call them a peasant or uncultured swine and walk away... I HAVE ISSUES OK?!

It's so weird to be the only one fronting tbh because now I'm just listening to the Holy Emo Trinity which I haven't done in a while.