How to mummify Action Man for an Ancient Egypt home education project

Ancient Egypt project: how to mummify Action Man

Chapter 2 Part 2 Eye makeup in Egyptian culture was worn mainly by royalty and leaders. Eyes were thought to protect against illness and were a part of their spiritual beliefs.

Eyes of Horus and Ra. Two ancient Egyptian deities. The eye of Horus symbolizes protection, royalty, and good health. The eye of Ra symbolizes good luck.

Ancient Egypt word search puzzle for kids

Here's an Ancient Egypt word search puzzle to print for kids of all ages - great for an Ancient Egyptian theme in the classroom or at home.

These FREE Ancient Egyptian Cards are a great way to teach your child about Egypt and practice what they learn.        Here are ad

FREE Ancient Egyptian Cards

Free, Printable Ancient Egypt Flashcards - Montessori-inspired cards have (optional) multiple parts for turning learning into a hands-on activity. Kids can match the different parts to study or play a memory-style matching game. Vocabulary includes Nile R

Egyptian Art, year 5, mixed media self portraits.

grade Ancient Egypt] For our Egyptian Art topic year 5 created Egyptian Pharaoh mixed media self portraits.