Andre Kertesz-uses simple black and white tones to add diversity in his photograph-the different blacks and whites set a tone through his image

André Kertész: the photographer's photographer – in pictures

Pioneering Modernist photographer Andre Kertesz took "Chez Mondrian" in the Paris studio of famed painter Piet Mondrian It appears here in detail.

The Fork - André Kertesz

Andre Kertesz-the subject is simple yet with specific lighting creates an unique shape. The lighting creates tones of black and whites contrasting the subject with its background.

Coyote Atelier film photography inspiration: Andre Kertesz - Swimming (1919)

Révisons nos classiques: André Kertész

cruiseorbecruised: “ Andre Kertesz, My Brother Jeno (Hungary), 1917 for Michael…enjoy the sun, wishing I was there! saw this exhibition yesterday at Martin-Gropius-Bau…it was fantastic and inspiring.

Andre Kertesz Lost Cloud New York 1937 1935

Estate of André Kertész Lost Cloud, New York, 1937 presented by Stephen Bulger Gallery