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Andrew Garfield re-boots Peter Parker on the New York set of Spider-Man

It's Superhero Saturday, and I LOVE Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker AKA Spiderman. :) I really hated the first trilogy, but even though the end of movie 2 in this one made me SO MAD and SO SAD, I love-love-love Andrew in this role.

((FC: Andrew Garfield)) Hey, I'm Andrew. I'm 18 and single. I'm outgoing. I'm cousins with Chris and Selena. I like to play football and basketball. Intro?

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Andrew Garfield is the new spiderman! And although I hated the first movie, the second one made up for it. I think he's secretly living next door to me because my neighboor looks exactly like him! I love you chen, but Andrew is my celeb crush ATM.

Andrew Garfield. Not sure sexy or hot could describe him, but he's adorable Alex

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The amazing spiderman

Andrew Garfield, this man did such a good job at the new spiderman.he almost made me reconsider superman being my favorite super hero.still on the fence about it.

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Wallpaper and background photos of Andrew - LA Times Magazine Photoshoot for fans of Andrew Garfield images.



Pin for Later: If the Andrew Garfield Era of Spider-Man Is Over, Let Us Mourn Him in GIFs He Has That Innocent Smile . . .

He Has That Innocent Smile . . .

Pin for Later: Mourning the Andrew Garfield Era of Spider-Man He Has That Innocent Smile .