A Great Relationship

A great relationship happens when two people who truly understand each other and love each other for who they are come together and create something stronger than either of them could be on their own - truth

10 things that rocked my world. 9.5.15

"Scars & Wings" This was written for a friend's sister, who fought cancer for many years before leaving us. She was the bravest person Ive ever known. know it's not a tattoo but im gunna get it as one when im old enough

Wing it! Quote by Good thing I am not my younger self. BC I would not accept this answer. I realize there is dissonance between where we are and where we 'are'. We are all winging it, for sure. With respect, I have been grilled and pan fried.

Angel Quotes to live by: Quiet your mind. Angels speak to those who silence their minds long enough to hear. Connecting with your Angels.