Ever wonder how all those Victoria’s Secret Angels always look so flawless?  Simple, yet stunning eye makeup is key!  I guess ridiculously good genes and killer legs wouldn’t be too …

Echa un vistazo a la mejor maquillaje para novias en las fotos de abajo y obtener ideas! I think this is pretty. I would want to incorporate a little bit of the dark olive green eyeshadow that I own.

Angel Beauty.  Repinned by An Angel's Touch, LLC, d/b/a WCF Commercial Green Cleaning Co. "Denver's Property Cleaning Specialists" http://www.angelsgreencleaning.net

Lotus flowers leading up to glorious angel of light. Spiritual progress is made in steps. DK Seattle pinner said

Behati Prinsloo Backstage at VS Fashion Show - Behind the Scenes Photos from Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Harper's BAZAAR

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Behind the Scenes

Get VS Angels Beauty Secrets - Victorias Secret Fashion Show: Behind the Scenes ft Alessandra Ambrosio i love her hair!

Angels: No matter who we are or we belong, it's always comforting to know that there Is someone greater than us, who is taking care of us, keeping us safe, and listening to us when we have no one to turn to. ^i^ ▪♡☆▪ ^i^

Anjo - Pintura de Viola Sado - Polônia ---See Spiritwater Gardens for our I Believe In Nature Spirits Initiative.

Real Pictures of Angels Spirits | Dear One, Love God: ANGELIC DUTIES

That is amazing! Looks almost like there is a monstance on both upper and lower wings. What beautiful gifts from Heaven! Thank You Angels in Heaven and thank You God The Father!

This was such a beautiful angelic fairy-ish fine piece of artwork - I thought of you Jennifer!

In Truth There Is Love

Cara Delevigne big hair like a victory secret model

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Behind the Scenes

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Behind the Scenes - Page 19

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Behind the Scenes

*EGYPTIAN:  Edfu Temple of Horus (by garda)

*EGYPTIAN: Edfu Temple of Horus (by garda). Astrogeo pos: the midpoint of the temple locatedis located right in the middle in the service orientated air sign Libra the sign of the angels, beauty, decoration, harmony, square forms and symmetry.