Trading infographic : Oil And Gas In The World Economy Infographic from Mauritius Oil and Gas

Coste de vida de alguna de las ciudades más importantes del Mundo #infografia #infographic

What a cool tool to use in teaching economic issues! A look at a variety of common items and how much they cost in the most expensive cities in the World.

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Its Economy in Crisis, Angola Readies for a New Leader - The Local Africa News

The fisheries sector plays a very important role in the Angolan economy, as do agriculture and forestry. Taken together, they are a source of livelihood for about 85 percent of the population.

A booming economy due to oil revenues and stable politics, Angola has seen an increase in its international trading sectorFile:First WAFMAX in Angola

Flag of Angola: Angola Flag This is the national flag of Angola, a country located in Southern Africa. Check out these Angola maps.

Lower oil prices are hurting Angola, which has halved its 2016 economic growth forecast and slashed government spending. Oil accounts for more than 90 percent of Angola’s exports. The price crash is having an effect on the quality of people's lives.

“Muddy River In N Dalatando Botanical Garden, Angola. N'dalatando is a town of Cuanza Norte Province in Angola. It is also the capital of this province. Under portuguese rule the city was called Vila Salazar”.