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This is a more advanced diagram of the heart. It labels all of the structures in a heart, and shows the unidirectional flow of blood.

In a Heartbeat - Animated Short Film -

In a Heartbeat - Animated Short Film -


These beautiful portrait drawings were created by British artist and painter Harold Speed. Harold studied architecture at the Royal College of Art, but later took up painting and continued his studies at the R. Schools between He won a gold

Playing with scale and distortion (see David Hockney).

Communication Design (Graphic Design)

Completing the square.svg        Repinned by Chesapeake College Adult Ed. Free classes on the Eastern Shore of MD to help you earn your GED - H.S. Diploma or Learn English (ESL).

A nice visualization for deriving the quadratic formula. Much more intuitive than straight symbol manipulation.

Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View by Cornelia Parker. Saw this at The Tate Modern, London and completely fell in love with it. There was so much to see in the actual exhibit and the single lightbulb lighting the room made it almost feel magical with all the shadows on the walls.

Cornelia Parker: Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View, 1991 The visual cacophony that Parker creates in this mixed media installation is stunning; we particularly like her use of light and shadow to.