deadpoolsheik: Two kinds of friends a personal feeling from a lonely voice = friend that run to hug is my dream

Beyond the Boundary is literally the best anime. Hiroomi and Akihito's relationship goes from bros to uncomfortable within five seconds of their first interaction XD

Friends and Best friends. A friend of mine actually breaks in at times! XD

Friends and Best friends. XD (Also this is from off, a hilarious free parody)

I'm not being mean but this is me and my friend when she gets taller but I'll still be a little bit taller than her xD but I love my friends never want to let them go no matter what even if I or they move they will still be with me ❤️ now I just made myself cry

These are best friends Akio and Kana. Akio is usually cheerful but protective of her friends. Kana is quite and shy. They are best friends, they have been together forever.

Anime: Ao Haru Ride Futaba x Kou

Anime: Ao Haru Ride Futaba x Kou >>> I admit I had this fear when my best friend and I went off to different colleges after high school graduation, but our friendship stayed just as strong and it was amazing!