✧ Tumblr ✧ Facebook ✧ Twitter ✧ I've been wanting to draw a FNAF gijinka for a while!   Otherwise, this week's been....a wild ride to say the least.

It took me a looooooooong time. somanyeyes I just made this because a friend of mine asked me to do all of the types of eyes I do for my fnaf ds well it& here so now g.

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holy shit Foxy has never been so.foxy excuse the puns lmao but holy shIT

Five Nights at Freddy's4 by gatanii69 on DeviantArt ^^ Plushtrap, Foxy and Bonnie look hot

Five Nights at by on DeviantArt Damn they look hot ahaha FNAF, Plushtrap, Foxy, Bonnie,

This is awesome! I like how they started off with Vincent and Mari considering they were the that made FNAF

16 fricken hours and it is finally done ; This was quite the doozy, but here is my FNAF X Trust Me (Durarara) cross over done and duste. FNAF: Trust me