Mondlicht Tanz in flimmerflocken Schnee von gestern Segelt gespannt in Raum und Zeit Bei Kontakt, Losgelöst in Wasser Tropfen Rinnend in Bächen Am Leib empor Zu neuen Gestalten In Zukunft kristallisiert Heute ist morgen Entzückt im Raum. Die Bewegung tanzt Ein Sonnet der Zeit. ///Moon Catcher by yuumei on DeviantArt

I’ve been super busy working with the new team and preparing all the models for making Knite and Fisheye Placebo. I haven’t had time to draw at all these days. Here’s an old commission I did last year for a client. I’ll have new art to post hopefully.

Anime girl, moon, light, butterflies, sad, water; Anime Girls

Lying under the moonlight . [My Pin-friend Mi Smith found this lovely pin for me.

One lost girl from Arteina. She isn't here now, but she was blind.

lost girl from Arteina.<<< 😂 That's Hinata from naruto what the heck!

Support Sailors

Support Sailors

Anime: Sailor Moon Personagens: Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter e Sailor Venus.


armor closed mouth cloud commentary request dark skin dark skinned male dragon eis expressionless fate/apocrypha fate (series) from below gauntlets glowing glowing tattoos greaves green eyes highres long hair male focus pauldrons saber of black should

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