Anui, a Night Wolf who mated a River Wolf in secrect, who made it this far with one pup, but he had a scent of River to strong blended with Night. She tries hard to keep him a secrect, until she is sure his scent is covered.

- Go with him, Tesshin. You will be a new Leader of Ohu one day. Gin, Tesshin and Akame. it was a long time ago when i draw Ginga fanart, yeah. I drew this scene in my copybook an year ago.

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Wolves / Pack life here looks promising, right? (Welcome to the family by *Grypwolf on deviantART)

This is Violet. She's a female packer who was gifted with magic. She fights, and secretly wishes that she will one day be alpha. But for now, she keeps her rank as beta... RP by Heather Dennis.

Blazelight white wolf,cleaver and strong fighter and has purple plasm power and telekinesis power Mais

A father named Kino, with his son Blaze. His father is the leader of MoonPack.

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Point commission for of their char Vilzard. I think he's just such a sexy character xD I love wolves with long ears and I th.

Name: King gender: male description: I am a proud but loyal wolf, I am brave and will protect my pack at any cost

Posted by Kikicianjur (Deviantart), this awesome looking ice wolf would very much satisfy our lil ice

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Name: Fireflight Fireflight is a powerful wolf, one of the main element powers. He can create flash fires and burn down other things that doesn't need to be in use anymore but he can sometimes be a dangerous wolf at times.