Executed Queens: Anne Boleyn

The tragic Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII of England, and Marquess of Pembroke in her own right.

Реконструкция на лицето на Ан Болейн / Anne Boleyn facial reconstruction, THIS is so very fascinating. It is amazing to be able to put a face to such an infamous person in History.

Famous necklace of Anne Boleyn. She owned three similar necklaces: one with an A, one with a B, and one with an AB. It is rumoured that her jewels were passed down to Elizabeth I, and that pearls from Elizabeth I are in the crown of Elizabeth II.

Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn "Artsy" Adaptation also would make a fine tattoo, just saying.

Being Bess: Death Could Not Separate Them: How Elizabeth I Connected to Her Deceased Mother Anne Boleyn

The Life Of Queen Anne Boleyn

Queen Anne Boleyn Second wife of King Henry Mother of Queen Elizabeth I. When Anne moved from the French court to the English court she was admired by many courtiers including King Henry. Henry asked Anne to be his mistress, but s

You are a poet as I am a woman. Poets and women are always free with their hearts, are they not? ~ Anne Boleyn, The Tudors Picture for nursery

Anne Boleyn's Psalter - by tradition, this tiny gold prayer book was worn hanging from a waist chain by Anne to her execution. There she presented it to her friend, Margaret Wyatt, one of the ladies attending her on the scaffold.

Hampton Court Palace representation of Anne Boleyn, consort to King Henry VIII.

Anne Boleyn in the Tower of London.

Anne Boleyn's beheading by King Henry VIII remains as one of the most explosive events in thousand-year history of the English monarchy.

Anne Boleyn reconstruction (wearing her Coronation gown) at Hever Castle Kent UK by Emily Pooley 22 year old Technical and Special Effects artist.

14 Novels About the Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn

14 must-read historical fiction books about Anne Boleyn (although tbh I'd skip The Other Boleyn Girl, or at least take it with a huge grain of salt).

Locket ring belonging to Queen Elizabeth I, 1575 (gold with enamel, rubies, diamonds mother-of-pearl)