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Apple TV

The new Apple TV takes the work out of watching TV. The Siri Remote with Touch surface lets you search for shows using your voice and bypass endless button pushing with a swipe of your thumb. It’s a TV experience you’ve never experienced.

Whether you're new to Apple TV or need a refresher, we have seven tips you should know.

Hidden Apple TV Features You Should Know

7 Hidden Apple TV Features You Should Know By Chandra Steele Screen Time Lifestyle pic 1

Apple TV Station-SR

Apple TV with Siri Remote accessory for your entertainment center. This Apple TV Station keeps your Apple TV and Siri Remote safe and in-place.

Apple - Apple TV - 32GB - Black - NEW VERSION $149

Apple - Apple TV – 32GB (4th Generation) - Black

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Apple TV hacks to make it easy to watch your favorite shows anywhere

The Apple TV Hacks Everyone Should Know

Apple TV hacks make it easy watch your favorite shows, podcasts, and media anywhere

Media Steaming Devices Compared (Roku Apple TV Chromecast and Amazon)

Cord-cutting—the concept of cancelling traditional cable television in favor of alternative services—is a rising trend across North America.

Top 5 shortcuts you need to know when using your Apple TV remote! People actually use this remote? I always use my iPhone or iPad, way easier.

How to instantly jump back to the Apple TV Home screen