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🍒we make "friends" easy and people are drawn to us. However, we have this innate ability to sense who is a real friend and who is fake. For this reason, most Aquarians have very very few close friends.

Ha ha. So true! ~ETS #complexminds

Ha ha. So true! ~ETS #complexminds

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Team♒️Aquarius Yep starting to believe its gonna take me finding an Aquarian man to understand me.

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Like Yoda says. Lol "Learn to let go of everything you fear to lose" cuz this is,star wars.

Aquarius have a smile on their face even when they are sad

Zodiac signs - Aquarius Probably not the best thing to end with an exclamation point. Like I'm an Aquarius and I will be on the verge of a breakdown but not let anyone know because I feel I can't tell anyone how I feel.