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Dustin Moore dont know the guy not a shadow angel or spade that guys poetic to have that type shit tattoed on there!

The armor of Skadi.  This was one tough client from Newcastle that went through a good deal of dots, lines and pain to get what she wanted, which was nothing less the permanent armor.  It has been a long time since we put so much magic into one piece, and we are thankfull for the chance   Done by Uffe Be Wolfe, and Peter Walrus Madsen

Incredible Nordic and Viking Age inspired tattoos by Meatshop in Copenhagen, Denmark

Tattoo Sleeves Armour

Tattoo Sleeves - Tribal, Skulls, Mechanical, Old School, Floral, Animals, Art

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A commissioned Chinese dragon design for a half-sleeve tattoo. The dragon's head was modified a few times before the final design was settled upon.

Badass 3D looking armor sleeve by Alex D West!!!

Explore a collection of honorable ideas with these top 80 best knight tattoo designs for men. From symbols of knighthood to cool Middle Age plated armor.

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