Artist Repurposes Found Driftwood Into Surreal Self-Portrait Sculptures

Driftwood art by Michelle Dickson // sculpture // nature-inspired art // wood sculpture

The Best Art Ideas and Art Projects of 2014

The Best Art Ideas and Art Projects of 2014 - Meri Cherry Crayon Art Sculpture - The best art ideas and art projects for kids of 2014 Want great helpful hints about arts and crafts? Head out to my amazing website!

Beautiful Paper ART Sculpture - Smaug / Lord of the Rings by VMCreations aka "FarTooManyIdeas" on DeviantarT . i'm sorry for the book so much, but Smaug is really beautiful.

Crayon Art Sculpture

Crayon Art Sculpture - Meri Cherry-if I was going to leave this out I would perhaps provide tape as a room full of glue guns is asking for trouble

Meet Daniel Arsham, an Archaeologist from the Future

We talked to the artist putting James Franco in space suits, sculpting broken guitars out of volcanic ash, and making architecture "do things that it is not supposed to do.

Copper Wall Ribbons by Linda Leviton (Metal Wall Sculpture

Paper Towel Art Sculpture Art Supplies Needed- paper tubes, glue, paint, loose parts, lid. The children will strengthen their creativity by thinking unconventionally and making something unique.

Plasterer's Art : Bernie Mitchell shows how he transforms empty wall space by adding some relief sculpture to it using drywall mud [n.

Cat Recycled Garden Art Sculpture by nbillmeyer on Etsy awesome stuff-saw it in real life in I; this has a saw blade, re-rod, 2 small trowels for ears-designs are amazing.