Artcrossing: Art Trading Card

Artist Trading Cards (ATC) are miniature works of art created on 2 ½ x 3 ½ inches cards.

watercolor pine cone painting - Google Search

Art Trading Card Pinecone Watercolor by Alice Flynn

Art Projects for Kids: Kandinsky Art Trading Cards

Deluxe Mona Lisa Template

Art Projects for Kids: Kandinsky Art Trading Cards. Just pencil drawings and liquid watercolors.

4 Practical Tips for a Successful Artist Trading Card Experience

There was a time in my teaching career when I didn’t know what ATCs were. Ignorantly, I assumed it was another one of the educational acronyms that surround us. It wasn’t until a good friend of .

A little while ago I came across a class over at Creative Bug that really inspired me to get back into playing in my sketchbook! I was looking for a fun art project that my daughter and I could work on together and discovered Lisa Congdon’s wonderful Sketchbook Explorations courses. They have really inspired both of us to start playing in our sketchbooks, in fact my daughter has nearly filled hers with doodles, patterns and drawings over the past month!

Sketchbook Explorations

Sketchbook drawing and painting exercises from the Sketchbook Explorations course at Creative Bug. Drawings by Kate Hadfield.