How to support people with Autism.

how to support people with autism- We did abide to these at the Empire Strikes for Bucks. If you want to make an event or activity accessible to people with autism check this list.

Autism Spectrum Disorder & Music

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Music #infographic

Autism Spectrum Disorder & Music - It been shown how constructive music education is in all areas of cognitive development, but it also proves to be especially helpful to those with ASD. As showcased by this infographic, it basically boils down to the two

Autism is Autism... there is no true definition for "mild to moderate."

"[So-called] Mild autism doens't mean one experiences autism mildly.It means YOU experience their autism mildly. You may not know how hard they've had to work to get to the level they are.

Calm down tool options for ASD older children, offering solutions for different sensory needs. Autism

40+ Calm Down Tools for Older Kids {Free Printable}

Free printable list of calm down tools for older kids. I would also add some goo, slime, silk tassels and other tactile materials.

Free printable LEGO "Today I feel" visual emotions chart for kids from And Next Comes L

Free Printable LEGO "Today I Feel" Emotions Chart

Free printable LEGO "Today I feel" visual emotions chart for kids. What young kids don't love legos? Helps children express their emotions using toys that they are familiar with!

Why Saying "Calm Down" To Your Kids Doesn't Actually Work - The Mommy View

Saying "Calm Down" To Your Kids Doesn't Actually Work

"Calm down" is a phrase that we all use, especially with kids when experiencing intense emotions. Here are some alternative phrases that just might yield better results, and an action plan to put them in place. Parenting tips.