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Someone who i knew was a capricorn, shut me out of that persons life because i broke that persons heart ig.

Capricorn ~ ambitious, devoted, and down-to-earth!

Slow and steady, cool and calculating, Capricorn is hard-working and successful! The Mountain Goat is a great leader associated with Saturn and the house.

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Good thing you were born a month early so you ended up a Sagittarius, cuz your Capricorn license would've had to have been revoked when you got together and married that cheap fuck.

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Please don't be over comfident in my ability to not wash my hands completely simply because of a heart that can forgive out of love.

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I don't know about the pedicure thing is for Pisces. Maybe a female thing for Pisces woman

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It's kind of creepy how accurate these things sometimes are, like am I a unique and individual human being, or am I the product of a celestial alignment that means I'm like a million other people on earth? Overthinking-A Capricorn trait.