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Can't believe this is real

The world of astrology is an extensive and detailed atmosphere of growth and self discovery. Many of us have explored our astrological sign to find out that our headaches may be an influence of our star sign (Aries) while others have pruned their creative attributes (Aquarius) into who they are. Each sign is unique and …

The Zodiac Guide to Essential Oils

The Zodiac Guide to Essential Oils - What an interesting idea. I am a Leo-Libra-Pisces. It is of interest that I have health related issues in those signs. Maybe I'll buy some of those oils.

Holly – The Ruler July 8 – August 4 Among the Celtic tree astrology signs the Holly is one of regal status.

Astrology: Celtic Symbols and Irish Astrology

Celtic Symbol Signs And Meaning - Celtic Symbols and Irish Astrology.

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Aquarius, and this is so true for me! But Libra and Sagittarius will fit me too though. lol Love British accents and Books!

What is an angry? Sagittariuses can be angry, especially if you insult their fandom... • Credits to @ lovely-bright-astrology on tumblr

I think ppl are forgetting that Sagittarius is a FIRE SIGN! Therefore they have a VERY short temper!< I'm a Sagittarius, and I dont exactly get angry, I just get so annoyed and frustrated that I could kill someone

Feelings the signs experience most in their life. | Zodiac

Leo, because we don't need anyone else o be satisfied! Sagittarius, clearly bring that ish on themselves!<<<< I'm Aries and I do feel adrenaline ALOT.