OH MY IM IMAGINING MY THE TROLLS IN THIS: Aradia: *blows up random planet* Tavros: "Why study when you can EAT" Sollux: "nope" Karkat: *angrily stares at work* Nepeta: "Oh hey butterfly" Kanaya: *takes out chainsaw* Terezi: *blows up another planet* Vriska: *breaks teacher's legs* Equius: "uh" Gamzee: "Hahaha. Crap this." Eridan: #1000%Done Feferi: "Psh I'm a princess"

I've never more accurately related to a Zodiac textpost. "Doesn't" -- Even though I'm a Taurus, Gemini is my ascendant soooo looks who won't study for the text yet get

Mom-libra... Dad-Gemini... Daughter-virgo... Son- cancer.   How true for all of us

Aquarius, and this is so true for me! But Libra and Sagittarius will fit me too though. lol Love British accents and Books!

What is an angry? Sagittariuses can be angry, especially if you insult their fandom... • Credits to @ lovely-bright-astrology on tumblr

I think ppl are forgetting that Sagittarius is a FIRE SIGN! Therefore they have a VERY short temper!< I'm a Sagittarius, and I dont exactly get angry, I just get so annoyed and frustrated that I could kill someone

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True, all my anxiety stems from there but I am able to now say that my anxiety definitely has gone away 😩 thank god

I found this on Tumblr, from Dark-Astrology.... It explains the other signs I couldn't find! <<<< How the signs get expelled from school - All

How the signs got expelled from school-- Pfffttttt as if! Okay maybe I mIGHT hack the school WiFi at some point.