Monocycle. - motorcycles require a clear head and two balls to ride them, how the hell do you ride this thing?

MV Augusta Monomoto Superleggera (super light) is the experimental machine ridden by young wealthy Italian Luiggi Bandini, during practice for the 1954 Milano-Taranto Road Race ;

MV Augusta F4 - love this machine

You can take all your shorty pipes and shove it. THIS is what a real sportbike exhaust should look like.

MV Augusta F3. Gotta love them crotchrockets

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Hopefully Ruby makes a comeback!

Random Inspiration 161

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1954 MV Augusta 60cc Monowheel Superleggera 1954 MV Augusta 60cc Superleggera…

1954 MV Augusta Monowheel Superleggera 1954 MV Augusta Superleggera… This thing has got 'pain, hurt and suffering' written allll over it.

This was the Duc that everybody hated. I thought, and still do, that it's a great piece of design.

Ducati 999 by Arete Americana.A lot of people gave this bike a bad rap. I myself find the one of Ducati's sharpest bikes. I think it's look was just ahead of it's time! Oh man.

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Custom BMW motorcycle Love the bright, stylish colours in this Edwardian car ad. BMW Yamaha by Ana.


2013 MV-Agusta - This is one of the most beautifully designed motorcycles built. There may be others that are more technically adept and others that are more powerful, but I can't think of one that excites the desire to ride by just *looking* at it!