Augustus Waters+Hazel Grace Lancaster=PERFECTION!!!

TFIOS movie- one of my favorite scenes in the movie because it wasn't in the book

Augustus Waters is my favorite male character in a book ever, without a doubt!

Augustus Waters is my favorite book boy ever, without a doubt! The fault in our stars Nerdy Girl Probs I kind of do have an Augustus Waters, only he isn't quite the same

Because of reading..."like Augustus Waters" i want THE Augustus Waters :'(

Because of reading. we want a boyfriend like Augustus Waters from TFIOS and Park from Eleanor and Park and Levi from Fangirl

Augustus Waters! AHHHH I loved the fault in our stars...but I cried a lot..but its so beautiful!

Ansel Elgort playing Augustus Waters in The Fault In Our Stars movie based on the book by John Green.

Ansel Elgort playing Caleb in the Divergent movie AND Augustus in the Fault in our Stars movie.

AEC: Ansel Elgort (18 photos)

Ansel played Caleb in the Divergent movie AND Augustus in TFIOS movie. Shai played Tris in Divergent and Hazel in TFIOS. Making him Tris's brother and Hazel's boyfriend.


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The Fault in our Stars - Augustus Waters - Hazel Grace - Ansel Elgort - Shailene Woodley