Aztec costume

A mexican in Aztek costume during the flame ceremony in the panamerican games at the dig of Teotihuacan, Mexico. photo: Henry Romero/reuters/scanpix

A Mexican in Aztec Costume During the Flame Ceremony (Panamerican Games, Teotihuacan, Mexico) -Henry Romero (Reuters & Scanpix)

Be an Aztec goddess with this easy tribal look. Don't forget to shop at!

Be an Aztec goddess with this easy tribal look. No such thing as an Aztec goddess. And this far from Aztec culture you coachella hipsters!

[Warband][B] The Aztecs (Warband 1.143) (Suspended)

[Warband][B] The Aztecs (Warband (Suspended)

native american face paint | ... just got inspired by kind of the aztec and native american culture

This a painting I made in photoshop, using a real photo reference, by Pamela Zurita. Very cool Aztec girl, I think absolutely lovely!

"Wherever you stand, be the Soul of that Place." ~ Rumi <3 lis

One of the colorfully costumed Aztec dancers at the Celebration of Nations in Franklin, TN.