Fun & Quirky Baby / Kids Photos

Fun & Quirky Baby / Kids Photos

DELIVERY BEFORE HALLOWEEN Grandma costume- old lady costume -toddler costume baby costume- baby girl grandma- hat, glasses chain holder

Abby: My 9 month old son Jax is dressed as Clark Kent aka Super Man!! I got the idea from Pinterest and he already had all of the pieces of clothing....

Clark Kent Baby Costume

My one year old son is wearing a Clark Kent (Superman) costume :) It was easy to make dress shirt, slacks, superman bib, and cape and sunglasses with the shades popped out :).

Your baby dresses better than I do: 35 super cute and funky baby clothes - Blog of Francesco Mugnai

Your baby dresses better than I do: 35 super cute and funky baby clothes

Penguins and babies are cute, but combining the two could just be too much. This baby penguin costume looks just right to us!

Funny baby costume ideas - Harry Potter Mandrake Baby Costume

35 Funny & Cute Baby Costume Ideas

Sara: My son Corbin is 6 months old and loves to scream. My family LOVES Harry Potter and we started calling him our little Mandrake a couple months after he was costume idea ever!

Where's Waldo:

Adorable DIY Baby Costumes

Where's Waldo Newborn Costume - Easy DIY newborn costume that can easily work for a girl too! Just add some yarn 'hair' under the hat.

Cute DIY baby in a pumpkin for baby's first Halloween!

DIY Baby In a Pumpkin

This is must-do for her first Halloween. A photo with a pumpkin is how we made our pregnancy 'fbo,' so this would mean even more!