Cute Hamster With Spiky Fur

Baby hamster has a bad hair day. Cutest creature I've ever seen!

How to Get You Hamster to Trust You - There is a good tutorial for gaining your hamster's trust in this pin.

Make Your Hamster Trust You

Baby Guinea Pigs! Too cute!

Baby Guinea Pigs – The Owner’s Care Guide

Omg little puff ball - MegaCutie - Mega Cute Photos, Cute Pets, Cute Dog Pics

Baby hamsters. (The first picture often gets pinned as a "baby owl", for some reason. Obviously, it is not.)

🔵 MISLEADING 💢 These are baby hamsters. For some reason, the first picture often gets pinned as a "baby owl". Obviously, it is not.

Cute Baby Animals

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Baby hamster has a bad hair day. LoL

Sandy is a baby Syrian hamster having a bad hair day, but he is still so cute.

Baby mouse...or something.  Whatever, it is the cutest thing ever.

35 Exceptionally Cute and Cuddly Baby Animals Photo

Cutiiie ...A la pila del greix... qui no hi va, no creix!

These look like half-hamster, half-gerbil creatures. They’re really fat like hamsters but they have gerbil faces… Roborovski hamster~

Roborovski Dwarf Hamster

Roborovski Dwarf Hamster – Monkey feeding-- My goodness this little guy is so adorable. I can't get over how the size of his hands.

Community Post: Tiny Hamsters Wearing Tiny Clothes

Tiny Hamsters Wearing Tiny Clothes

Mommy and baby Hamsters.

Mommy and baby Hamsters. Its going to eat them later.