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God must be very old, and therefore they depict a form of the Lord like a very old man. But in the same Brahma Samhita , that is contradicted: although He is the oldest of all living entities , He has His eternal form as a fresh youth.

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Adorable baby Radha opening her eyes for the first time to see baby Krishna <3 <3 All time favorite!!

Child Krishna meets baby Radharani for the first time. The Divine Appearance of…

Little Krishna themed Birthday cake- Hindu Mythology theme - Cake by…

Two tiered fondant cake with the theme Little Krishna for birthday celebrations. Adding all edible key elements like his divine flute, pot full of butter and peacock feathers with which you ass.

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May Lord Krishna guide us all today in everything that we do. May He help us to let go of hatred and hold on to love. May He help us to forgive others and to ignore their taunts while focusing on Him only.