Retro Recipe: Bacardi Rum Cake

Bacardi Rum Cake

Bacardi rum cake is a fun cake recipe from the It's easy and so delicious. Make it and you'll see why this rum cake recipe is so popular.

How to make a Blue Devil cocktail made with Blue Curacao and Bacardi rum via

Blue Devil Cocktail

The Blue Devil Cocktail is made with blue Curacao and rum. A perfect summer cocktail.This blue curacao cocktail recipe is a favorite summer cocktail recipe.

Bacardi Rum Cake

Bacardi Rum Cake: The Only Cake That Gets Better With Age

Bacardi Rum Cake My Dad's favorite. Be sure to cook the glaze long enough to get the alcohol out or it is too strong. And REAL butter is a must!

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Bacardi launches their Bacardi family redesign to celebrate founders day and their birthday. Designed by Here design.

Original Bacardi Rum Cake Recipe

70+ Instant Pudding Hacks

Note to self - replace rum w/Buffalo Trace Bourbon . The Original Bacardi Rum Cake Recipe from the This is one moist and delicious rum cake recipe!

Bacardi Rum Cake.  It's RARE for me to drink alcohol... but this would be eatting it. Lol

Recipes for a Luscious Bacardi Rum Cake You'll Fall in Love With

My hubby came up with this variation of our rum cake recipe. Not big on pineapple or mango? Just use white rum and a yellow cake mix. Just as delish!

1979 Bacardi ad with recipe.  I actually had a neighbor that used to make this for parties. It was very sweet but pretty good.

Bacardi Rum Cake - Original recipe One of my favorite things about the holidays. fresh made Rum Cake!

THE Bacardi Rum Cake.....adjusted for today's box cake mixes

Several years ago Bacardi’s Rum Cake recipe used an 18 ½ ounce cake mix and box of instant vanilla pudding mix. Not long after that box cake mixes were developed with “pudding in…

Here is the famous Bacardi Rum Cake recipe. This extremely moist cake is one of the most popular cake recipes on this website.

Bacardi Rum Cake: The Only Cake That Gets Better With Age

The Perfect Bacardi Rum Cake Recipe. Use cake extender as cake mixes are less than 18 oz.

Bacardi Rum Cake

With two glaze options. In Spanish wine merchant Facundo Bacardi opened a distillery in Cuba that made white rum; after discovering bats living in the distillery, it became the logo for the r.