Scorpio. Any other Scorpios? This actually described me pretty well...

I'm a libra.<<< taurus and exept of the outgoing and attractive things i can say it is right (idk if i'm attractive but I think not) (and idk if i'm a good kisser)<<< I'm technically an Aries but act more like a Pisces

I don't want bad luck :p (Scorpio for me) lol I am not any of those xD (Melanie)

I don't want bad luck :p (Scorpio for me) lol I am not any of those xD (Melanie)<<< I'm a Virgo and my crush is a Capricorn

Yant Mangkorn Bung Pai: Mangkorn means dragon and in this Yant the dragon is spelled to protect the wearers from all dangers and bad lucks.

Find out the meaning of Yant Kongkrapan, one of the popular Yant type for Thai people.

A shattered mirror reflects more LIGHT than a mirror that is whole.

Reflejos de Mí

a mirror once cracked when her eyes met her reflection's. she dropped the mirror, but the glass did not break any further.

Bad Luck Brian | GETS HIT BY A CAR SEES A BRIGHT LIGHT ITS A SECOND CAR | image tagged in memes,bad luck brian | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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