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Mine always want to talk shit and report me but maybe if their shit kids didnt bully mine in school or hate us for no reason, we'd be cool.

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Passive aggressive neighbor notes that will have you on the floor laughing so hard!

How to Get a Restraining Order Against Bad Neighbors

How to Get a Restraining Order Against Bad Neighbors

Homeowners pay mortgage payments on multiple homes for a variety of reasons. Some homeowners own second homes or vacation homes in places they visit often. Others invest in real estate and own rental .

Rustic Privacy Screen...when you have bad neighbors this will make you smile and bring tranquility.

17 Privacy Screen Ideas That'll Keep Your Neighbors From Snooping

A branch screen. remember idea: branch screens, built in planter boxes on rolling casters. Creates a moveable screen, with independent ivy growth-bonus boints for creating hinged, double screen frames that will collapse for moving or customizable sizes

1 peter 2 19...especially when the unfair treatment comes from those in life who you hold most dear. God sees all, and knows all.

1 Peter (NLT) - For God is pleased with you when you do what you know is right and patiently endure unfair treatment.

14 Classic Children's Books Improved With Swearing

14 Classic Children's Books Improved With Swearing

June 2014 | 60. Bad Neighbors - Wuld seem to be targeting the college crowd - which is an insult to college aged people. I would call this 12 year old humor. TURKEY. And why oh why does EVERYONE go so far over the top these days?

Neighbors (2014)

i hate my neighbors - Google Search

So simple the solution is to having a happy existence at home, is for my neighbours Fat Nelly & Little Toddler to go on a permanent holiday.

Everyone person place a board like this in the front of home to show this home has no guns.

The Best Pictures of 2011

Best sign for your front yard if you have anti gun neighbors. I don't have to worry about my neighbors. We all are armed :D