The Adventures of Peter Freuchen - and nowadays it's 'badass' to be 'gangster'. They wouldn't last a night in this man's shoes!

The Adventures of Peter Freuchen

The Adventures of Peter Freuchen. Chuck Norris is a freaking kitten compared to this guy!

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40 Inspirational Creative Tattoo Ideas For Men and Women

Robot Hugs comic: Female roles in movies. | The message is, for guys, no matter how incompetent, unremarkable, average, motivationless, or mediocre they are, life will still find a way to place them (magically, if necessary!) into a totally undeserved position of physical and mental superiority over women! | I still want a Black Widow movie; just let's please avoid this.

'Okay, we need a Strong Female Character.... just not AS strong as the male character'

I've just realised this is The Matrix to a T. 😱 Robot Hugs comic: Female roles in movies.

I feel like I kinda get that look sometimes because some guys who you just know likes to fuck around will look at me or talk to me and they're sweet but idk maybe that's just the fuckboy way

😂😂👌well if this isnt me. Aiming- for my way too good status quo- I forgot it along the way

Awesome Step-By-Step Attraction Guide For Men From Tao Of Badass

clicking this image will open up a new window where you can get 3 free attraction training videos. which is nice.

Butt kicking time

So your response to feminism is to demonstrate exactly why we need it. Because when women speak up for themselves, you THREATEN PHYSICAL VIOLENCE