dancers- we are the best at multitasking! Here are all the things to remember during ballet class.

Ballet dancer, What people think I do, What I really do meme image -

Although the "parents think I do" is a true story whenever you're doing Pointe work in the middle of a season.

51 things only ballet dancers understand

51 Things Only Ballet Dancers Understand

And I totally agree. Snacks at the ballet (or any theater): PET PEEVE. And new skin is the devil!

And why you should learn ballet as an adult! If you feel too old to learn ballet, let me tell you why you are not. Learning ballet as an adult can be better than learning ballet as a child. Surpris…

Foundations at the barre – Basic ballet positions of the feet and arms explained. Poise, line and beauty are developed in the art of classical ballet. Even for the simplest movements, correct…

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I hate how people underestimate friend is in ballet and she is one of the strongest, most enduring people I know.

I hate how people underestimate only looks easy because we make it look easy!and it hard to make it look easy

Finally someone understands! Tap for the win!

I don't do point ballet but I do jazz lyrical and hip hop but I'm definitely a dancer and do a LOT of ballet stretches and workouts!

Dancer's problem

And when the bottom picture feels like an unnatural alien walk that WILL DESTROY YOUR ARCHES. mine were taken away by a demon i like to call ballet a long time ago. but ballet and i have since made up and r pretty serious now.

One of your hips is more flexible than the other. | 21 Problems Only Ballet Dancers Will Understand

One of your hips is more flexible than the other. Problems Only Ballet Dancers Will Understand


So true! My friends think I just sit there moving my feet and making stupid facial expressions!

Mostly on Solos, if you know what I mean!:) Either make a funny face to the person behind you, or rest your smile

So true for baton twirling! I've seen a ton of the "little dance things" and most of them are true for baton twirling as well.