ballroom dancing. Seriously though!!! Learn how to dance at      ok honey bunny.... be prepared. We r going to be addicted n super awesome!!! Hehehe mmmwa love u sooooo much! Xo ♡rjp

Still trying to get to feed my addiction for an Advanced/Intermediate Ballroom course before I graduate.

Before I die, I want to...

Ballroom Dancing: My friend gave me ballroom dancing lessons as a 30 birthday gift. First we learned all the standards, then we took swing dance lessons for a few months. We tried tango but didn't get too far. We can still Swing tho!

Bloch ballroom dance shoes

dazzle dance boutique in Jasper AL sells these. Great for teaching class or practicing ballroom.

Different Styles of Dance #Infographics —

Different Styles of Dance - #history #Infographics #howto

Salsa has roots that combine elements from both Latin and Afro-Cuban dance styles. Check out this infographic from Arthur Murray Dance Studio of San Jose to learn more about popular dance styles in North America.

tumblr+dancing+of+tbe+day | Source: takemorechancesdancemoredances )

“Burn the Floor” dancers Karen Hauer and Artem Chignevstev. Photo by David Wyatt “Burn the Floor,” a hit show about the world of competitive ballroom dancing, has been added…

Ballroom Dance Steps

Ballroom dance steps comprise a collection of steps and dance forms done in a ballroom. These dance steps are not just a single set of steps, but many such sets of steps and style make a complete ballroom dance.

Burn The Floor Ballroom Dance - freaking beautiful dance lessons Scottsdale,

Burn The Floor Ballroom Dance - beautiful dance lessons Scottsdale,

▶ How to Do Basic Foxtrot Steps | Ballroom Dance - YouTube

Learn how to basic foxtrot steps from dance instructors Aaron Mitchum and Kristina Reese in this ballroom dance tutorial from Howcast.