Bring ya friends over kids, I'll teach you how to be a real baller. No more of those jibby jabber jump shots naw! We gettin' back to the fundamentals - gettin' buckets.

My backyard court for whoever want to shoot hoops.

Home basketball court. Very cool and if you don't like the basketball concept then you could easily replace it with a dance studio/workout room/TV area/etc.

15 Ideas for Indoor Home Basketball Courts

For this Bloomfield Renovation I changed what was a horrible theatre room with all the wrong dimensions into a basketball court Tutto Interiors Cheryl Nestro - Northville, MI

We love this graphic colourful basketball court created by Italian muralist, Gue. Playing here would be so much fun!

Sicilian artist Gue, known for his colorful and vibrant murals, has created another artwork – a beautiful colorful basketball court.

diy patio staining stencil ideas | DunkStar – Backyard Basketball Courts, Residential Basketball Courts ...

diy patio staining stencil ideas, for when we tear down the barn.

The underneath LED light source can turn this stadium floor into a hockey rink…

The underneath LED light source can turn this stadium floor into a hockey rink, basketball court, or indoor soccer arena at the touch of a button. wish to play on the court.

Backyard paver basketball court

Backyard paver basketball court We would Neff to add a few feet off the 3 point arch

brian james  more EXQUISITEness inside

get out on the court, chic wellness, health and fitness styling

Barn for a personal indoor basketball court.   MGa | Marcus Gleysteen Architects, Photo by Richard Mandelkorn

Barn for a personal indoor basketball court

Urban Outfitters - Blog - Photo Diary: Basketball Courts

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Blocks of red, yellow, blue and white from the last iteration have been painted over with brighter hues.     The rubber court surface blends from blue at the ends to pink in the centre, while gradients have also been applied to the surrounding walls.

Colourful Paris basketball court updated with new hues

Colourful Paris basketball court, Paris, by Pigalle Duperré